Thoughts in the Third Space

Thoughts in the Third Space is the official blog of IIIT, the International Institute of Islamic Thought. The policy department seeks to gather information on current education policy in the Muslim world and provide recommendations on ways to improve or continue current education policies that focus on improving students’ human development.

The purpose of our blog (Thoughts in the Third Space) is to hear from experts and stakeholders in the field of education policy reform regarding the most pressing problems they are facing and best solutions they have found or are advocating for. These contributors can include policy advisors, governmental officials, academics, teachers, and parents. Readers can also hear more about their work and perspective on Third Space Thoughts to Policy, the official podcast of IIIT.

The policy department is seeking 900-1,000 word blog entries which can be written op-ed style by experts or stakeholders in the field of education policy writing on their reflections and observations concerning the impact of their own work or of another project or policy they have been monitoring/researching. It is important that these are written by “third space” thinkers, education is not just about mastering arithmetic and literacy, but improving community mindedness, moral reasoning, forgiveness, and empathy so that learning is a transformative process improving society as a whole by advancing each individual spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

If you’re interested in submitting an entry, please email with pdf versions of your blog post as well as a brief bio with your name, organizational affiliation, and areas of interest within holistic education reform. If you are part of an organization but your writing is representing your own views, please specify that as well. In order to be featured on the blog, entries must be submitted by the last day of the previous month.

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Thoughts in the Third Space

The observations and conclusions below represent the author’s own personal views and experiences, not the organization’s.