Employee Testimonials

“I chose to work at IIIT because the organization was at a pivotal point of its development and I felt my background and experience could be instrumental in its future setup of financial systems, policies and procedures. I love working here because of the leadership’s dedication and commitment to technological advancement, automation and process improvement at every area of the organization. Also, I love working and being part of the amazing team of colleagues, who individually and as a team are a strong force of nature dedicated to fulfilling IIIT’s goals and mission of advancing education in Muslim societies.”

“A great group of professionals with commitment and high work ethics. Innovation is at the heart of every job description.”

“What I like most about working at IIIT is that I work with colleagues who, even when they have comments on your work, they do it not to put you down, but to push you forward!”

“Great team at IIIT where our diversity of backgrounds and knowledge is such a wonderful character of our institution.”

“I’m grateful for everyone on our diverse team for their positive energy and passion for trying to increase empathy, forgiveness, and community mindedness in our world.”

“Collaborative team with a friendly working environment.”