Human Development

The Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS) initiative suggests, as one of its components, an emphasis on utilizing a Human Development (HD) lens to improving the lives of individuals and groups in ecological contexts especially in Muslim majority societies. In addition to providing an expanded view on education beyond formal and nonformal settings, the HD approach highlights the importance of creating environments conducive to growth and prosperity for all.  Adopting a HD framework, infused with universal values and virtues, renews the interest in the integration of knowledge and situate it in a discourse that emphasizes the Unity of Knowledge. Further, the empirical research in the HD area, such as in “Mapping the Terrain study” points out the critical role HD plays in the transformation of individuals and groups and ways it contributes to reform efforts.

Vision: Improved social development and personal growth while identifying pathways that lead to higher states of being on the individual and the collective levels in Muslim majority societies and others.

Mission: To serve as a focal point for generating innovative theoretical and empirical knowledge, producing thought-provoking ideas, and contributing to the global discourse on human development in Muslim majority societies. This includes promoting universal values, competencies, and the states of human consciousness.