The Policy Department at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), fosters vital conversations on holistic education policy and values based public policy, acknowledging that education policy is part of larger systems of governance and policy-making. The department encourages discussions and will disseminate its findings through multiple platforms including its podcast and blog as well as its upcoming Education Policy Monitor and events.

The Policy Department builds partnerships domestically and abroad while having discussions with education policy reform experts and stakeholders, including policy advisors, governmental officials, academics, teachers, and parents through its podcast, Third Space Thoughts to Policy, and blog, Thoughts in the Third Space. The Department also gathers information in coordination with the Research Team regarding the current state of education policy in the Muslim world and will offer pragmatic policy recommendations to decision makers on ways to implement reforms within the context of their current systems.

The Policy Department seeks to identify gaps in current policies and aims to offer potential solutions for educational practices to be transformative, so that education is a means for advancing holistic human development. In order to accomplish its mission, the department relies on data-driven research prepared by academics in coordination with contacts on the ground in IIIT’s various offices around the globe along the five concentrations established in AEMS, namely; Pedagogy, Curriculum, Governance and Leadership, Policy and Educational Context, and Assessment and Evaluation.

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