IIIT Webinar Disclaimer

The Experience:

The IIIT Webinars are based on live video conferencing sessions, using 3rd party platforms. The content is LIVE, and hence is unmoderated, unfiltered, and unedited. It is conducted on the basis of trust and professionalism. IIIT wishes all participants to enjoy the experience and find it enriching. IIIT cannot accept any responsibility for the performance of these platforms, and the internet links on which they depend. As these Webinars are online, they are vulnerable to hacking and abuse from outside parties. IIIT cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from participating in the Webinars, neither for and not limited to, exposure to indecent, inflammatory, offensive or racist content. IIIT relies on the 3rd party to provide sufficient security to their platforms.

Identity Theft/Hacking:

All participants are advised not to share any personal information that could be used by others for identity theft. For example, and not limited to, usernames, passwords, addresses, dates of birth, scans of personal documents, e.g. passports. All online participants should ensure that their computers/devices have adequate security programs and anti-virus protection before participating in the Webinar. IIIT cannot accept responsibility for any damage to equipment or person or person(s), or for the loss of data, or for the theft of data or personal information, whether it leads to identity theft and financial loss or not, as a result of participating in the Webinar. Any participant found to be attempting to hack other users to cause disruption or acquire personal data or damage equipment of other participants, will be banned from further sessions and all future Webinars.


Any advice given during the video sessions by the speakers, presenters, staff, students, participants or organizers is solely based upon personal opinions and should not be taken as professional advice, whether medical, legal or otherwise. Furthermore, any opinions are expressly those of the participants and not necessarily the views of the IIIT. The IIIT takes all possible measures to advise participants beforehand, that they behave in a professional manner, and do not encourage or incite any prejudicial behavior against individuals, communities, nations, governments, religions or cultures that may cause offence and hurt to others, or encouraging actions that break any laws. All participants are requested and expected to respect their follow human beings, with a constructive mindset of compassion, humanity and cooperation. The challenges that the world faces, affects all of humankind. Any person who is not happy with these conditions should not attend the Webinar. IIIT can only advise participants on these matters, and will not be held liable for any offensive behavior. However, if this does occur, IIIT will intervene to prevent further occurrences, which could result in participants being restricted from further sessions. In serious cases, offending participants may be banned from all future Webinar.


Any person wishing to share content should ensure that they are not violating copyright. For example sharing a pdf of a book with other participants would be using the Webinar as a medium of distribution. IIIT can only advise participants on this matter, and will not be held liable for any breach of copyright. However, if copyright infringement occurs, IIIT will intervene to prevent further occurrences, which could result in participants being restricted from further sessions.

IIIT July 2020