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لتنزيل كتاب ، يرجى تسجيل الدخول هنا.
Muslim Societies in Postnormal Times: Foresights for Trends, Emerging Issues and Scenarios
Revitalizing Higher Education in the Muslim World

The Theory of Islamic Art

Source Methodology in Islamic Jurisprudence

The Qur'an & Normative Religious Pluralism
Abu Zayd al-Balkhi’s Sustenance of the Soul

Ijtihad – Occasional Papers

Isma’il Al-Faruqi: Selected Essays

Epistemological Integration: Essentials of an Islamic Methodology

A Guide for Authors, Translators, and Copyeditors: IIIT Style-Sheet

Al-Shura: The Qur’anic Principle of Consultation

Crisis in The Mind

Epistemological Bias in the Physical and Social Sciences

Issues in Contemporary Islamic Thought

Al-Shura: Marital Discord: Recapturing Human Dignity Through the Higher Objectives of Islamic Law

Miraculous Language of the Quran

The Quran and the Sunnah – Occasional papers

Al Tawhid

Imam Al Shatibi's Theory of the Higher Objectives and Intents of Islamic Law

Islam and the Middle East

The Qur'an and the Sunnah

Proceedings of the IIIT Lunar Calendar Conference

Outlines of a Cultural Strategy

Ijtihad and Renewal

Contemplation: An Islamic Psychospiritual Study

The Quranic Worldview

The Foundation of Knowledge

The Arts of Islamic Civilization

Reviving The Balance