Third Space Thoughts to Policy

Third Space Thoughts to Policy is the official podcast of IIIT, the International Institute of Islamic Thought. The purpose of our podcast (Third Space Thoughts to Policy) is to hear from experts and stakeholders in the field of education policy reform including policy advisors, governmental officials, academics, teachers, and parents.

The department seeks to gather information on current education policy in the Muslim world and provide recommendations on ways to improve or continue current education policies that focus on improving students’ human development. Third Space Thoughts to Policy includes episodes on quarterly policy recommendations on education policy in Muslim Societies, discussions with contributors to Thoughts in the Third Space, the official blog of IIIT, and interviews with governmental officials, academics, teachers, and parents as well as other experts or stakeholders in the field. For the department, education is not just about mastering arithmetic and literacy, but improving community mindedness, moral reasoning, forgiveness, and empathy so that learning is a transformative process improving society as a whole by advancing each individual spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

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