Research Notes

IIIT, through its Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS) initiative, is engaging in research on both the theoretical as well as the empirical levels of advancing education in Muslim societies globally and in North America. The purpose of the “Research Notes” is to highlight the themes that the research teams are working on, including lessons learned, methodology, and contextual considerations. In addition, we will address the complexities of conducting empirical (quantitative and qualitative) research in multiple countries as we strive to advance education in Muslim societies.

In the process of sharing the research notes, we hope to inform and generate conversations on scholarship in educational research in Muslim societies. The research notes will be published once a month through the end of the year (2019).

Multiple authors will address the issues listed below as well as others from their own experiences and perspectives. If you are interested in contributing to the “Research Notes” please contact Dr. Ilham Nasser at

Topics of interest may be:


Mapping the Terrain Research Constructs

Value-based Approaches

Ethical Conduct of Research: IRB

Methodological Considerations

Culturally Responsive Research

Social Emotional Well-being

The Human Development Model