Moroccan Scholars visit IIIT

Moroccan Scholars visit IIIT

On Friday July 26th, a Moroccan group of scholars visited IIIT. The ten junior university professors in Islamic Studies are visiting the US from Morocco as part of the Study of Religions Across Civilizations program (SORAC) with Professor Paul Heck, the founding director of the program and Professor of Islamic Studies in Georgetown University’s Department of Theology.

The group was met by key IIIT staff, who gave them a brief introduction about IIIT and its various departments. The Department of Publications and Translations (DPT), in addition to explaining the different types of publications such as books and journals that IIIT produces, described the process of publishing a book from its infant stage as a manuscript to the final product. The executive analyst summarized the research conducted through the Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS) and the importance of this initiative in the well-being of students in the K-12 as well as the higher education spheres. The library director briefed the scholars about through wealth of resources available at the two IIIT libraries, the Taha Jabir Al-Alwani and the Ismail al Faruqi Libraries.  The communications department gave an overview of the tools used to communicate the various programs, products and other IIIT related events to the wider audience online through the English and Arabic websites, social media, and the monthly e-newsletter.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the scholars expressed their deep appreciation of the work that IIIT is undertaking. They posed some deep questions and made some suggestions, such as for IIIT publications to be available on a central database for use by scholars and students alike. The DPT associate director explained that a substantial number of IIIT books are now available on JSTOR, ProQuest, Google Books, Google Play and Amazon, in addition to the Arabic sites such as Al Manhal and Al Obeikan.

Finally, each scholar was presented with a selection IIIT books and a copy of the IIIT calendar. The group also presented IIIT with a gift from Morocco.