Welcome to the Research Department at IIIT! We are committed to high quality and data driven research and recommendations to Advance Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS). AEMS is the crown project of IIIT’s research initiative with focus on educational research in areas of curriculum, pedagogy, leadership, policy, and monitoring and evaluation. AEMS research team includes experts in social sciences who are committed to transforming societies and individuals through educational research, policy recommendations, and teaching.

IIIT philosophical and conceptual research on Islamic thought which spans a period of more than 35 years is the foundation of AEMS research agenda and plans. The ground-breaking work on topics such as Islamization of knowledge and later Integration of Islamic knowledge is available at the library of IIIT in Virginia which has more than 100,000 volumes.  To expand the publication legacy of IIIT, AEMS research results and recommendations will be disseminated through various avenues such as conference presentations, policy briefs, and publications. In collaboration with Indiana University Press two venues for publications are available: 1. a peer reviewed Journal on Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (JEMS) and 2. a book series on topics related to the research agenda.

Please see the sub menus to learn more about the conceptual framework of AEMS research and the first study carried on by the research team on “Mapping the Terrain” of education systems in Muslim societies that is carried on in fifteen Muslim countries.

If you have any queries regarding the Research Department, please reach out to:

AEMS will have several venues for dissemination including: