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IIIT Hospitality Suite at the ISNA Annual Convention

HOSPITALITY SUITE-2014The IIIT Hospitality Suite at the ISNA Annual Convention was held on Saturday and Sunday August 30-31, 2014. There were a total of six sessions, four on Saturday and two on Sunday. The first session was on Reform of Education. Speakers included H.E. Ambassador Ebrahim Moosa, Imam Zaid Shakir, Dr. Mahan Mirza, Dr. Ingrid Mattson and Dr. Ermin Sinanovic. The second session focused on the post Arab Spring Developments with Prof. Emad Shahin as speaker and Dr. Sinanovic as discussant.

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Campus Life and Muslim College Students

campus lifeThe Fairfax Institute held a half-day seminar, “Campus Life and Muslim College Students,” on August 18, 2014. Featured lecturers included Professor Omid Safi (Duke University), Professor Jonathan Brown (Georgetown University) and Dr. Ermin Sinanovic (IIIT). The student panel included Omar Nassimi (George Mason University - GMU), Omama Altaleb, a student of GMU and founder of ...

AMSS UK Organizes Scholastic Module

AMSS-IIUM-MODULEThe AMSS UK organized a scholastic module for a group of IIUM High Achievers and SRC Members in London as part of the IIUM Global Leadership Training for students.


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Is Islam a Religion?: Islamophobia, Public Discourse, and the Idea of Religion
Oct 22 2014 7:00PM

Islamophobic and anti-Muslim public discourse centers on a number of common themes, including the ideas that Islam is not a religion, that Islam is opposed to democracy and diversity, and th

Fourth SOASCIS International Conference
Nov 3 2014 9:00AM
The Teaching of Islamic Civilisation In Today's Universities And Colleges: A Review For New Strategic Educational Goals

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July 2014

Dr. Alshingieti

Global Donor Forum

Dr. Yaqub Mirza

Dr. Abubaker Alshingieti, Executive Director of IIIT (US) and Dr. Yaqub Mirza, President and CEO of Sterling Management participated in the Global Donors Forum 2014 - a biennial convening of the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists - on April 14-16 near Washington, DC. More photos

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Fourth SOASCIS International Conference

3-4 November 2014



 Reform of Higher Education in Muslim Societies

IIIT & the Wilson Center

Two-Day Symposium

December 9-10, 2013





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