Call for Manuscript Submission – Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS)

Call for Submissions

The International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), a private non-profit, academic institute headquartered in Virginia, USA is calling for book-length manuscripts to be published by IIIT or jointly with Indiana University Press under its newly launched Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS) book series.

For the past four decades, IIIT has published over 600 peer-reviewed titles that contribute to intellectual development in the nexus of Islamic thought, social sciences, and educational research. AEMS is an initiative that focuses on Muslim societies and communities, in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy, leadership and governance, policy, and evaluation and assessment. Our first book on hope in education is already underway and contains contributions by esteemed experts in education.

Manuscript Submission

Centered on transformative education, AEMS invites authors with research interests in education and expertise in any of the following areas: pedagogy, curriculum, policy, leadership, and evaluation and assessment to submit proposals for book-length manuscripts. These could be single authored or edited volumes. Of special interest are manuscripts that address education transformation on the system and individual levels in the areas mentioned above. For example, curriculum reform, policy implications and leadership initiatives.Welcomed topics may address concepts that are critical for education in Muslim majority or minority societies as well as North America such as holistic education and wellbeing within these areas.

How to Apply

Manuscripts should be original, in English, and be complete or near completion, including dissertations in the final stages of study. Interested applicants should submit the following documents to

  1. Title and brief description of proposed book, including research methods, literature review, relevance of content to AEMS’ vision, and a bibliography (3-5 pages).
  2. Table of contents and/or chapter outlines including a sample chapter.
  3. Author CV and titles of previous publications (if any).
  4. Details of any additional contributing authors.

If accepted, authors will be required to send a complete manuscript. All manuscripts are subject to a rigorous double blind peer-review process and editorial screening prior to acceptance and publication.

Note, financial support could be provided to authors near completion of their research study in the areas listed above.

To learn more about AEMS or for further information please contact: or visit