Quranic Arabic Program

Fawakih Institute and TFI offer Quranic Arabic classes on a year-long basis at The Fairfax Institute.
CCourses are also offered for a shorter duration during the summer and winter programs.

To register for the Quranic Arabic classes held at TFI, visit the Fawakih’s Institute’s website by clicking here.

Year Long Program:
The primary objective of the year-round localized program is to combine quality and convenience, enabling everyone to have the ability to learn the language of the Quran without interrupting their work and education or being limited to online or only summer residential options. Through mastery of Arabic grammar, morphology reading, and vocabulary, the course facilitates language acquisition through both active and passive engagement. The instructor’s role is to enable students to develop their linguistic skills effectively and efficiently, but the onus is on students to invest both time and considerable effort towards the end.

Students engage Quranic vocabulary (mufradat al Quran), understand various sentence components (nahw), and dissect words and understand patterns (awzan) to gain a deeper understanding of the root meanings (sarf).

Summer Program:
Fawakih is excited to offer 3 one-month summer sessions. Each session is centered upon Quranic Arabic classes and students will complete one level of our Arabic curriculum. Each session also has a unique theme which provides students a gateway into various aspects of the Muslim World.

Winter Program: 
Fawakih Winter Arabic Intensive, with special enrichment sessions focusing on prayer, taught by various Fawakih scholars. Like Fawakih’s summer intensive, the course will have 3 hours of Arabic instruction at all levels daily, covering grammar, morphology, and reading. These skills classes will be supplemented by prayer enrichment sessions, which will include topics such as:

  • Analysis of short surahs, duas, and parts of prayer
  • In-depth analysis of Surah Fatihah
  • Stories from the seerah regarding the origins of various parts of the prayer
  • Quranic ayaat and hadith about prayer
  • Fiqh of prayer
  • Inner dimensions of prayer