Audio Books – Russian

The audio books are now available for the IIIT titles below. You can also find the audiobooks, as well as, ePubs on the IIIT Books APP. Download and listen anytime.

Иджтихад и обновление (Books-In-Brief: Ijtihad and Renewal – 2nd Edition)

  • Author: Said Shabbar
  • Narrated by: Eldar Kurtseitov
  • Length: 01:47:58
  • Release date: 22/12/21

Книга для чтения в постпривычное время (Books-in-Brief: The Postnormal Times Reader)

  • Author: Ziauddin Sardar
  • Narrated by: Ilgar Hasanov
  • Length: 02:35:22
  • Release date: 23/12/21