First of three training workshops for the Teacher Training Enrichment Program

First of three training workshops for the Teacher Training Enrichment Program

The first of three training workshops of the Teacher Training Enrichment Program was a success! The winter session took place on Friday, December 21st and continued throughout the weekend. The purpose of the enrichment program is to empower educators to utilize the social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies in their interactions with students. It highlighted the AEMS constructs such as empathy and forgiveness and ways educators can infuse them in instruction.

As one of the trainers indicated, “The workshops are designed so there is continuity. The educators will come back in the spring and report on implementing what they learned in the winter. Later in the summer they will have more reflections on what they have accomplished”. She added:” educators will be the agents for change.” Instructors included Dr. Ilham Naser, IIIT Senior researcher and an educator with over 25 years in teacher training and research in different educational settings in the USA, Africa, and the Middle East; Dr. Nora El Bilawi, IIIT fellow researcher and assistant professor of education at Hood College, Fredrick MD; and Maryam Saroughi, IIIT associate researcher and a PhD candidate at George Mason University, who has also taught undergraduate students and conducted workshops in teacher training and multicultural education.

Participants were mostly teachers from weekend Islamic schools in the US. The director of an Arabic language center instruction in Canada also attended the program and stated: “I am very excited to bring what I learned from this workshop to Canada.”

The next workshop will resume in the spring and summer. Participants who have not attended the winter session may attend the spring and summer courses, however, no new participants will be accepted for the summer session only. Click here to register for the Spring and Summer sessions

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