The American Mosque 2020: Growing and Evolving

US Mosque Survey 2020: Basic Characteristics of the American Mosque

Report 1

Dr. Ihsan Bagby

As one of the financial supporters of the US Mosque Survey 2020, IIIT is pleased to share the report for a wider reach. The text below is taken from the report.

“The US Mosque Survey 2020 is a comprehensive statistical study of mosques located in the United States. The US Mosque Survey is an ongoing decadal survey which was conducted previously in 2000 and 2010. This report will occasionally include results from a 1994 survey which was conducted by the Islamic Resource Center, using the same methodology as the US Mosque Surveys.

The purpose of the US Mosque Survey is to conduct a scientific study that will generate accurate information about most aspects of the American mosque. The goal is to provide a detailed portrait of the American mosque to dispel misconceptions and to help mosque leaders and participants better understand their mosque, hope-fully leading to improvements.”

Key Findings of Report 1

Dr. Ihsan Bagby