TFI’s Summer Student Program

The Summer Student Program (SSP) is a 5 week residential program structured to provide students with intensive instruction in Islamic studies, directed research and training in an area of their academic interest.

The program offers instruction in the Qur’an, Sunnah, Islamic Jurisprudence, Muslim History and Civilization, and other relevant courses. Our faculty come from the top academic institutions in the US and abroad. Past and current faculty have included:

Aminah McCloud (DePaul University)
Jonathan Brown (Georgetown University)
John Esposito (Georgetown University)
Zainab Alwani (Howard University)
Younus Mirza (Allegheny College)
John Voll (Georgetown University)
Jasser Auda (International Peace College South Africa)
Engy Abdelkader (Bridge Initiative, Georgetown University)
Maria Dakake (George Mason University)
Ovamir Anjum (University of Toledo)

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“I have been reading many of the IIIT publications since my undergraduate years in Indonesia. Although it contains many interesting ideas, I had never convinced that it will be academically meaningful for me until the Summer of 2016.

The Summer Student Program (SSP) has totally changed my perception. It was my ‘nonconformist little toad’ moment.”
-Muhammad Rahman (Participant, ’16)

“​I’m very grateful to IIIT for this opportunity to connect with so many great young minds of my generation. And I truly feel that I’ve made connections that will last a life time.”
-Sara Swetzoff (Participant, ’13)

“I have had such an amazing 5 weeks and won’t soon forget the lessons and people of SSP 2014.”
-Courtney Dorroll (Participant, ’14)