Involves decision-making processes at the highest levels of educational systems. This area impacts educational systems that set the bar for standards, guiding principles, teacher qualifications and accreditation, and curriculum among others. Reform on that level will ensure a “trickledown” effect into other areas and levels of education.

Public Policy Beyond Traditional Jurisprudence, Basma Abdelgafar

It is the Divine Law that God does not exhaust a community that strives to reform and fix its affairs: “For, never would thy Sustainer destroy a community for wrong [beliefs alone] so long as its people behave righteously [towards one another]” (Hūd: 117). This highlights the equity, mercy and justice whether as individuals, groups, communities or nations. The defense of equity in all public affairs is emphasized throughout the Qur’an. Generally, any policy that is guided by maqasid al-shariah is expected to defend the weak and oppressed even if they do not originate from the same locale or community or share the same faith.

(2018, IIIT, p. 149)