Policy Recommendations

Starting in 2019, AEMS-PC will issue its quarterly collection of policy recommendations paired with policy briefs. The quarterly policy recommendations publication, named Perhentian after the Perhentian Kecil Island in Terengganu, Malaysia, will present a “deep dive” into current education policies and ways to improve them.

Perhentian is a collaborative publication. Policy briefs are prepared by internal IIIT academics. In addition to providing policy overviews, these briefs identify “gaps”, or areas that could use improvement. The policy recommendations are then provided in response to the gaps by experts in the field of education policy reform and international development. These recommendations come from a variety of different partner organizations, with top credentials.

The first edition(s) of Perhentian will focus on education policy and context within Malaysia, including overviews on current governance and leadership, pedagogy, assessment and evaluation systems, and curriculum. Future editions will also provide policy briefs and recommendations for other communities in the Muslim world.

If you are a subject matter expert interested in contributing to Perhentian, or have any questions, please email

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