Istanbul Sehir University students visit IIIT

Istanbul Sehir University students visit IIIT

On August 20, 2019, IIIT hosted a group of twelve Turkish students from the Islamic Studies Department in their senior year in Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey. For the past three years, students from Sehir’s Islamic Studies have visited IIIT as part of the Summer program offered jointly by the Diyanet Center of America in Maryland, USA and Istanbul Sehir University to engage and broaden their worldview.

Dr. Hisham Altalib, IIIT President, briefed the students on the history and establishment of IIIT. This was followed by a short video and presentation by Dr. Ilham Nasser, Director of Research, on the Advancing Education in Muslim Societies initiative. The students also learned about the work of the Department of Publications and Translations, which has published more than 600 books to date in English, Arabic and other translated languages.

Next, the library director, Saber Alkilany, gave a tour of the Al-Alwani and Al-Faruqi libraries. He informed the students of the wealth of knowledge available in them, including the rare and rich resources of over 100,000 volumes focused primarily around Islamic Studies, Comparative Religion, Islamic History, Arabic Language, and Social Studies.

Finally, the Turkish students expressed their appreciation and gratitude to IIIT for hosting them and for the gifts they received.