Islamic Learning and Education in Eastern-Central Europe

Islamic Learning and Education in Eastern-Central Europe:

Historical Features and Contemporary Perspectives

Educational and Research Workshop

Kyiv, Ukraine

February, 28-29, 2020


Center for Islamic Studies, The National University of Ostroh Academy 

Oriental Division, Institute of Philosophy, The National Academy of Science of Ukraine

with the support of International Institute of Islamic Thought

(Herndon, USA)


Both historical and modern experiences of Islamic learning in the large area between Balkans on the South and Baltic States on the North usually described as the place with indigenous Muslim tradition. Suffered from various turbulences in the past, Muslim communities of these countries made huge steps for the further development of their identity, especially in the recent two decades. Gathering scholars from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Baltic States, Hungary, and Slovakia. Romania and Moldova, the workshop is dedicated to the most crucial issues of contemporary Muslim learning, first of all, approached via the integration of knowledge paradigm.

The topics are to be addressed (but not limited to):

  • Historical preconditions of Islamic tradition of learning in the area;
  • Modern developments in Islamic education;
  • Relation between the “secular” and “religious” education;
  • Most advanced developments in Islamic epistemology and concepts of revealed knowledge transmission;
  • Perspectives of the integration of Islamic sciences into academic curriculum.

We invite up to 10 scholars to address the issues before the student audiences (MA and PhD students) as well as to participate in the specialized discussion. Working languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian. Selected papers are to be published in the special issue the Journal of Modern Islamic Studies (Ostroh, Ukraine). Deadline for submission (short bio and abstract up to 250 words): December 20, 2019. Contact person: Dr. Mykhaylo Yakubovych (

Travel, accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers.