Far Right and Extremism Virtual Workshop

Far Right and Extremism Virtual Workshop

The “Far Right and Extremism” virtual workshop that took place on June 11, 2020 and jointly held by IIIT UK and Sabahattin  University (IZU), Turkey brought together a total of 27 leading academics, experts and researchers in the field of radicalisation, to analyse and assess the growth of the far right today as well as rising levels of extremism in contemporary societies. The aim was to map out the current narrative, explore key issues, and suggest steps for positive development.

The Opening Remarks were given by Dr. Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali. Welcoming the participants and thanking the hosts of the event, he pointed to the fundamental nature of the problem, factors leading to a mainstreaming of far right ideas employing conduits such as popular culture, and the urgent need for intelligent measures to address the issue at the educational and academic level.

The workshop was divided into two Sessions. In Session 1 Prof. Dr Cynthia Miller Idriss and Prof. Dr Matthew Feldman delivered a thought-provoking discussion on the history, trends and developments of the global far right and Nazism. In the second, Prof. Dr Talip Kucukcan and Prof. Dr Ziauddin Sardar explored radicalism in Muslim societies and their varieties, including radicalism as a social and political phenomenon, including the disturbing trend of the far right as potentially the new normal.

Following the sessions, participants discussed fundamental concepts and recent developments.

The Workshop ended with concluding remarks from the Vice President of IZU, Prof. Nasuh Uslu.