Bosnian Imam Leadership Seminar

Bosnian Imam Leadership Seminar

n early May 2016, The Fairfax Institute, in partnership with ICNAB (Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks) co-hosted the first ever leadership training program for Bosnian Imams from around the United States. The seminar took place from May 3 to May 4 at IIIT headquarters.Topics included, amongst others:

  • The role of Bosnian mosques in the US- Mosque or an Islamic Center?, Understanding Islam between Ijtihad and Tradition
  • Opportunities for Imam education and professional development in the US Working with and engaging the youth in American mosques
  • Current issues facing Muslims in America
  • Healthy Families Workshop

Participants were involved in workshops, discussions, and activities that allowed for idea sharing and points of collaboration amongst different mosques and centers. Moderated by Dr. Ermin Sinanovic, participants were provided a template for leadership training, starting first with leadership qualities from and Islamic perspective. Panelists included members of diverse community organizations.

​Panelists represented diverse community organizations like ICNA, MPAC, ISPU, The Bridge Initiative at Georgetown University, ADAMS and various Bosnian Islamic and cultural centers, such as the Islamic Center of North Phoenix. Dr. Ermin Sinanovic served as moderator of the panels, ending with a workshop titled, “What it means to be a leader? Lessons from Sayyidina Abu Bakr’s inaugural khutbah.”