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Toward a Muslim Social Contract in Europe

Author: Dr Mustafa Ceric

Paperback: 978-1-94588-613-3

eBook: 978–1–56564–439–7

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Toward a Muslim Social Contract in Europe In honour of the life and work of Sheikh Zaki Badawi, OBE, KBE, and in recognition of his noted public contribution in championing the vital role of religious faith and values in the life of the nation, the AMSS has established the annual Zaki Badawi Memorial Lecture. The lecture series is dedicated to Dr. Badawi’s vision to foster pluralism, inter-faith dialogue, inter-cultural understanding, and social cohesion. In this, the second Memorial Lecture in honour of Sheikh Zaki Badawi, Dr. Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti of Bosnia- Hercegovina, examines one of the most important issues facing Muslim communities in Europe today “How to participate actively and faithfully in modern European society?” Dr. Ceric introduces the concept of a Muslim Social Contract theorising on its value, philosophical and religious foundations, as well as wider implications for Muslims in Europe. It is in essence a theory of mutual obligations advocating positive engagement by Muslims on a socio-political as well as intellectual level in wider European society. Published by AMSS UK. Dr Mustafa Ceric former Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Herzegovina (1999-2012), is currently President of the World Bosniak Congress as well as an active member in many local and international scientific organizations and societies including The Inter-religious Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Executive Committee of the European Council of Religious Leaders, International Commission for Peace Research and UNESCO.

Paperback: 978–1–56564–439–7 eBook: 978-1-94588-613-3 Size: 6x9 inches Pages: 26 Year of Publication: 2008 Published by AMSS UK

October 20, 2008