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The Challenge Of Pluralism And The Middle Way Of Islam

Author: Dr. Jermey Henzell-Thomas

Paperback: 1–56564–060–8

eBook: 978-1-94588-612-6

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THE CHALLENGE OF PLURALISM AND THE MIDDLE WAY OF ISLAM This paper is an impassioned plea, appealing to the higher virtues of man to realise within himself, and the society around him, a spiritually deeper and more multiculturally aware social order. In our largely interdependent, but increasingly volatile, world it is imperative that we not only understand ourselves but the myriad of cultures existing around us. The paper points to the the “middle way” as an important area of convergence between the West and Islam presenting with great vision the case that a revival of the ideals, principles and ethics of the “middle way” will restore mankind’s sense of balance, beauty, harmony and justice.. Published by AMSS UK. Jermey Henzell-Thomas Dr. Thomas is Director of Curriculum Development for the Book Foundation. He holds a PhD from the University of Lancaster for research into the psychology of learning. His current work for the Book Foundation entails the development of a curriculum synthesizing the best of modern education with traditional, universal Islamic principles. He is a member of the AMSS (UK) Executive Committee.

Paperback: 1–56564–060–8 eBook: 978-1-94588-612-6 Size: 6x9 inches Pager: 25 Year of Publication: 2001 Published by AMSS UK

October 19, 2001