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Tamil: Islamiya Poruliyal Oor Arimugam (An Introduction to Islamic Economics)

Author: Muhammad Akram Khan

Paperback: ISBN: 978-955-8398-54-8

eBook: ISBN: 978-1-64205-242-8

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The contemporary economic systems have failed to solve the economic problems of mankind. The failure of socialism is too obvious to need any documentation. The track record of capitalism is far from being promising. Although a small minority has achieved unprecedentedly high material standards of living, a vast majority lives under conditions of abject poverty. The problems of unemployment, inflation, poverty amidst affluence, unequal distribution of wealth, frequent bouts of business recession, environmental pollution and ecological imbalance still bedevil man’s present life and threaten his future. The present book contends that the Islamic economic order has the potential of ushering in an age of human bliss; and the resources to build free, just and responsible world for everyone on the earth. Muhammad Akram Khan was born in 1945, obtained his M. Com. From the University of Punjab, Lahore (1967) and M. Sc. in Industrial Administration from the University of Aston, Birmingham, UK (1970). He is a fellow of the Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation. He is presently Director General (Training) in the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan. He has published extensively in journals of international repute. His published works include “Issues in Islamic Economics”; “Economic Teachings of Prophet Muhammad”; “Glossary of Islamic Economics, a two-volume Annotated Bibliography of Islamic Economics”; and “Economics of the Qur’an: Economic Teachings of Surah al-Ma’idah and Surah al-Nahl”. (1994).

Co-publisher : Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad Paperback : ISBN: 978-955-8398-54-8 eBook : ISBN: 978-1-64205-242-8 Size/pages/year: (6.25x9.75) / 236 p. / 2019

July 12, 2023