Tamil: Irai Thoothar Kaalaththu Matheena Samugam Vol. 1 (Madinan Society at the Time of the Prophet): Its Characteristics and ‎Organizations (Vol 1) - IIIT

Tamil: Irai Thoothar Kaalaththu Matheena Samugam Vol. 1 (Madinan Society at the Time of the Prophet): Its Characteristics and ‎Organizations (Vol 1)

Author: Akram Diya al-Umari

Paperback: ISBN: 978-955-8398-55-5

eBook: ISBN: 978-1-64205-243-5

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As its title clearly implies, “Madinan Society at the Time of the Prophet” (SAAS) is a work that brings out the most important aspects of life in the early Muslim community. Its author, the renowned scholar of sirah and Sunnah studies Professor Akram Diya’ al’Umari, has expended a great deal of effort in order to make this book more than just a recitation of the historical record. The result is a breakthrough in historiographical methodology, as Dr. al’Umari has effectively succeeded in combining the strict methodological guidelines used by traditional Muslim scholars of the Sunnah and usul al hadith with modern methods of historical criticism. Volume One of this important new work, subtitled “Its Characteristics and Organization”, aims at presenting the reader with an accurate description of the society brought about through the efforts of the Prophet (SAAS) and his Companions, the society viewed by every successive generation of Muslims as the ideal in temporal spiritual values. Volume Two of this important new work, subtitled “The Jihad Against the Mushrikun”, deals with the all-important subject of the relations of the struggling new community with the forces that threatened its very existence. Without a doubt, the exemplary behavior of the Prophet (SAAS) and his Companions during the long years that they remained under attack has remained a continued source of inspiration for all Muslims. Its contemporary relevance and significance to the Ummah is a matter that needs no explanation. Dr. Akram Diya al-Umari was born in Mosul, in northen Iraq, in 1361 AH (1942). He attained his BA and MA from Baghdad University in Islamic History, 1382 (1962), 1386 (1966). He then went on to attain his Ph.D. from ‘Ayn Shams University in Cairo, Egypt in 1394 AH (1974). He taught at Baghdad University from 1386 to 1396 (1966-1976). He was Chairman of the Department of Graduate Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah, and Chairman of the Academic Council from 1397 to 1402 AH (1977 to 1982). Presently, he is Professor of the History of the Sunnah at the graduate departments of the Islamic University of Madinah. Dr. al’Umari has authored and edited nearly twenty works in Islamic history and, in particular, on the subject of the Prophet’s Sirah. (1995).

Paperback : ISBN: 978-955-8398-55-5 eBook : ISBN: 978-1-64205-243-5 Size/pages/year: (6x9) / 234 p. / 2018

July 12, 2023