Japanese: 礼拝の管理, 発見, り組み (Rediscovering Prayer) - IIIT

Japanese: 礼拝の管理, 発見, り組み (Rediscovering Prayer)

Author: Bassam Saeh

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We must rediscover ourselves, our worshipers and our surrounding things, and create our sons and daughters on an intellectual approach that will help them rediscover everything around them. This Qur'anic approach organizes most of the verses and verses. The society that builds on this approach will find itself constantly in a state of "rediscovering" itself and its surroundings. We are called upon to put new virgin glasses on our eyes each morning to look at ourselves and look at the world from We turned around as if we were seeing him for the first time, and then we would see how close we would be to God. In our public life, and in our educational and university circles, we have developed various materials and fields in the science of management to study the best ways to invest in industrial, commercial, agricultural and urban projects. Have we ever thought of establishing a specialty, field or material in our schools, institutes or universities to invest what is better than all these? Projects, and more useful for the world and the Hereafter, which is the administration of worship, rediscovering, and above the corner prayer? It is: a date with God, and any date. It is a summit meeting in the list of our worship, or our worldly-Akkarian investments. About the Author: Ahmed Bassam Saeh was born in Lattakia in Syria in 1941. He obtained his first degree from Damascus University and a master's degree and doctorate in Arabic literature from Cairo University. He studied at Syrian and Arab universities, moved to Britain in 1983, studied at Oxford University, and then founded the Oxford Academy of Graduate Studies to be the first university institute in the West to be founded by an Arab or a Muslim and receive government recognition. He has worked and is still in several scientific councils and bodies, he’s contributed to the establishment of more than one educational institution in Britain, and continues to lecture and supervise the scientific messages in British universities. His works include: "The image between rhetoric and criticism", "Islamic realism in literature and criticism", "The movement of modern poetry through its flags in Syria", "Miracle; rereading the linguistic miracle in the Holy Quran" Islam". E-mail: bassamsaeh@hotmail.com.

Paperback : ISBN: $8.00 eBook : ISBN: 978-1-64205-863-5 $free Size/pages/year : (6x9) /188 p. / 2017

April 17, 2023