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Albanian: Muslim Contributions to World Civilization

Author: Ed. M. Basheer Ahmed, Syed A. Ahsani, & Dilnawaz A. Siddiqui

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Islam’s brilliant contributions to science, art, and culture, are a timeless and precious heritage, which should be historically preserved for future generations. The great achievements of Muslim scholars are rarely if at all acknowledged in formal education, and today their identity, origins and impact remain largely obscure. This collection of papers aims to give readers a brief introduction to the intellectual history of Muslims and the contributions that eminent Muslim scholars have made in certain specific fields of knowledge including basic and applied physical and biological sciences, medicine, legal and political theories and practices, economic and financial concepts, models, and institutions, etc. The preservation of civilization necessitates a better understanding, sharing, and recognition of our common human heritage. Given today’s widespread negative stereotyping and falsely generated misunderstanding of Islam and Muslims, the publication of these papers on “Muslim Contributions to World Civilization” is vital to help repair the wrong that is being perpetrated and restore the historical truth, which is being distorted. M. Basheer Ahmed, MD, Former Professor of Psychiatry, Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas (South-Western Medical School, University of Texas, Dallas)(2005) Syed A. Ahsani is a former Ambassador of Pakistan. (2005). Dilnawaz A. Siddiqui, PhD is Honorary Professor of Communication at Clarion University Pennsylvania (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)(2005). Keywords: muslim contribution to world civilization, muslim social scientists, abbasids, anti-social traditions, al-bayruni, abu rayhan, bayt al-hikmah, ‎shura, caliphate, hereditary transfer of power, al-farabi, abu nasr, hunayn ibn ishaq, ibn sina, ‎good treatment of jews, mongol invasion, role of charity, usury, zakah

Paperback : ISBN: 978-9928-126-24-5 $14.95 eBook : ISBN: 978-1-64205-740-9 free Size/pages/year : (6x9) / 216 p. / 2019

February 6, 2023