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A Shared Past For A Shared Future: European Muslims And History-Making)

Author: Martin Rose

Paperback: 978–1–56564–447–2

eBook: 978-1-945886-09-6

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A SHARED PAST FOR A SHARED FUTURE: European Muslims and History-making In honor of the life and work of Sheikh Zaki Badawi, OBE, KBE, and in recognition of his noted public contribution in championing the vital role of religious faith and values in the life of the nation, the AMSS has established the annual Zaki Badawi Memorial Lecture. The lecture series is dedicated to Dr. Badawi’s vision to foster pluralism, inter-faith dialogue, inter-cultural understanding, and social cohesion. ‘He who controls the past controls the present.’ In this third Zaki Badawi Memorial Lecture, Martin Rose argues that history is as often a polemical weapon as a dispassionate exploration of the past. It can, at worst, support entrenched positions and inhibit understanding – but it also offers solutions to difficult questions of identity and belonging in today’s Europe. Seeing both Muslim and traditional European accounts of their own history as teleological and springing from their respective cultures, he argues for a thoughtful and open-minded approach to the writing of an intercultural history that explores much more fully the role of the Muslim East as a contributor to the ‘modern’ European mind; and at the same time acknowledges the shared, inescapable and potentially creative legacy of common imperial histories for today’s Europe. Published by AMSS UK. Martin Rose has been the Director of the British Council in Canada since 2006, and is also the Director of the British Council’s ‘Our Shared Europe’ project. He has an MA in History and an M Phil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, both from Oxford; and he has had previous careers in academic publishing and international banking, during which he travelled extensively and lived in the Middle East and Africa. He joined the British Council in 1988 and has served in Baghdad, Rome, Brussels and Ottawa. He set up and ran the British Council’s in-house think-tank, Counterpoint (2002-6). He can be contacted at martin.rose@britishcouncil.org.

Paperback: 978–1–56564–447–2 eBook: 978-1-94588-609-6 Size: 6x9 inches Pages: 33 Year of Publication: 2009 Published by AMSS UK

October 19, 2009