Al Alwani Lecture at The Washington Theological Consortium

Al Alwani Lecture at The Washington Theological Consortium

The Washington Theological Consortium  held its 8th annual al Alwani lecture honoring Shaikh Taha Jaber al Alwani on Thursday, March 30th  at Al Hibri Foundation’s office in Washington DC.

The topic of the lecture delivered during the evening was: “Religious Faith in a Pluralistic Society”. The speakers were Dr. Abdulaziz Sachedina, Professor and IIIT  Chair in Islamic Studies at George Mason University; and Dr. Dan Madigan, Associate Professor of Theology at Georgetown University and Senior Fellow at Al Waleed Center For Muslim Christian Understanding at Georgetown.

Larry Goldman, the Executive Director of the Consortium and the organizer of the event, asked Dr. Abubaker Alshingeiti, the Executive Director of IIIT to address the group. Dr. Alshingeiti welcomed the audience on behalf of IIIT. Before that and at the beginning of the program, Ali Altalib shared a recitation of Surat al Fatiha by Shaikh Taha and read an English translation of the last piece Shaikh Taha wrote, entitled “I am a Muslim”. It was a splendid and most fitting beginning of the program.

Professor  Sachedina was introduced by Dr. Pim Valkenberg, Professor of Interreligious Dialogue at the Catholic University of America (CUA).

The lecture was well attended, followed by questions and answers and a reception.