AJISS Volume 36: Issue 1

AJISS Volume 36: Issue 1

This issue of American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS) opens with a guest editorial by Louay Safi, who reflects on the relationship between scholarship and social engagement while considering the remarkable career of his friend Sulayman Nyang (d. 2018). The first research article of this issue, Youssef J. Carter’s “Black Mus­limness Mobilized: A Study of West African Sufism in Diaspora,” argues that a powerful sense of diasporic identification and solidarity is cultivated by Mustafawi sufis in South Carolina and Senegal.

The second article, Abdullah Al-Shami and Kathrine Bullock’s “Islamic Perspectives on Basic Income,” suggests that, although distinct from Western rationales, Islamic concepts and ethical-legal mechanisms have much in common with basic income programs. A review essay by Charles E. Butterworth contextualizes and considers the educational reform project of an ‘integration of knowledge’.

Following the book reviews, Enes Karić’s “Goethe, His Era and Islam” traces the complex relationship between Goethe and Islam, as examined in recent literature in Bosnia and beyond. Finally, closing out this new issue of AJISS, Altaf Hussain’s obituary acts as a tribute to the life and work of Dr. Nyang.

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