2nd Stage of TTEP a Success!

2nd Stage of TTEP a Success!

On March 29-30, 2019, fifteen teachers participated in the second Teacher Training Enrichment Program (TTEP) at the IIIT in Herndon, VA. This program was part of a three stage model that started in the Winter and will end in June 2019.

The workshop opened with a public presentation by Dr. Timothy Curby, an Associate Professor and director of the developmental psychology program at George Mason University. The title of his presentation was ” Emotions in the Classroom: How do Teachers Help Preschoolers Become Emotionally Competent?” The talk was attended by 25 teachers and educators from Islamic schools in the area and focused on Dr. Curby’s research on emotional competencies.

The rest of the workshop was spent on in-depth engagement in lessons and activities to instill social and emotional competencies using learner centered pedagogy. Teachers experienced activities to distinguish between social and emotional skills and competencies, to encourage problem solving skills, and designed their own lessons to activate social and emotional pedagogy in their Islamic studies and other content areas in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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