``Mapping the Terrain`` Study Data - 2019-2020

AEMS 2019-2020 – Codebook
AEMS 2019-2020 – Technical manual

AEMS 2019-2020 – Data file
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``Mapping the Terrain`` Study Data - 2018-2019

The annual report 2018-2019 provides an analysis and a discussion of the results of the “Mapping the Terrain” study which included over 25,000 participants from fifteen countries. It explored how secondary school and university students, parents, teachers, and administrators view values such as empathy, forgiveness, moral reasoning, and community-mindedness. The report was presented on November 19, 2019 at the American University in partnership with the School of Education’s International Training and Education Program (ITEP). This report and others after will generate a discussion on the implications for advancing education in Muslim societies.

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AEMS 2018-2019 – Technical manual

AEMS 2018-2019 – Survey – University student

AEMS 2018-2019 – Survey – Teacher

AEMS 2018-2019 – Survey – School student

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AEMS 2018-2019 – Codebook

2019-2020 Study

The second wave of “Mapping the Terrain” aims to confirm and expand on the results of the first study and further document important values in Muslim societies, schools, and social contexts. The constructs selected align with the Universal Quranic Values identified as foundational values. In fact, the constructs (values or skills) are instrumental for success in life in the 21st century. Below are the constructs examined in the 2019-2020 Study and beyond.

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