2-Day Workshop on Personal Development and Organizational Management

2-Day Workshop on Personal Development and Organizational Management

In keeping with the need to build the capacity of young Muslim intellectuals to be able to face the multiple intellectual, social, political and economic challenges facing the ummah, the IIIT Nigeria office, Kano, through the directorate of training, has been conducting capacity building workshops on Personal Development and Organizational Management for Muslim youth across Nigeria. In the last few years, the training has been conducted for over 500 youth in about 5 states.

In continuation of this tradition, the training directorate organized the workshop for the officials of Muslim youth and women organizations in Nasarawa State from Friday 12th to Saturday 13th July, 2019. The program was held at the Board Room of the Faculty of Arts, Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

The objective of this workshop was to provide the participants with intensive training on personal, interpersonal and organizational leadership skills and also introduce them to the IIIT and its activities globally, and particularly in Nigeria.

The order of the workshop was designed in plenary and presentation sessions which were facilitated by the director of training, Abdullahi A. Lamido, (Lead Facilitator) and Aliyu A. Rabiu. The workshop began with opening recitation and du’a by the Amir, Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN) Nasarawa State. After the training director welcomed participants to the workshop, the participants introduced themselves. Then Aliyu A. Rabiu together with the participants read the program pledge containing the Workshop Ground Rules. This was to ensure commitment and maintain decorum throughout the program.

To introduce participants to the IIIT and its focus, the director of training made a presentation on the history, objectives and activities of the IIIT and drew the attention of the participants to join the IIIT in promoting its noble objectives of reform in education and Islamic thought. He gave an overview of some of the successes recorded by the IIIT globally and in Nigeria in the areas of publications, workshops, conferences and so on. He urged participants to advance their academic careers in areas related to the integration of knowledge.

Presentations included “Visioning and Goal Setting in Islamic Work”; “Time Management”; “Personal Development and Leadership”; “Toward Effective Decision Making: The 6 Thinking Hats”; “Mentoring Through Effective Delegation”; “Financial Literacy: 7 Keys to Personal Economic Empowerment”; and “Program Planning and Implementation.”

The workshop was attended by 72 participants from among the leaders of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Federation of Muslim Women Organizations, National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations, Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria and the Department of Islamic Studies, Nasarawa State University. In attendance were 2 full time staff of the IIITN.

The Participants were highly motivated and displayed a great deal of enthusiasm, a mood which kept the workshop sessions very lively and educative with regular interludes and some edutainment refreshers. Feedback included:

This workshop by the IIIT was very interesting and educative. I will make sure that the knowledge acquired is stepped down to the members of my organization”

“The program was very interesting. It was an eye-opener for me. It is simply a five star workshop!”; “I have known the programs of the IIIT for more than 20 years now. But I would clearly say that I have never been impacted upon with a sort of knowledge and useful information than what I have learned these two days. This workshop should be conducted to a wider public than what we have here. I admire the capacity of these two presenters”; “The program was beyond my expectation. I will make sure I practice what I learnt in my entire life. I have never been in a wonderful workshop as this.”

I should be attending the meeting of the National Executive Council of the Federation of Muslim Women Associations of Nigeria (FOMWAN) but I had to send a representative because of the importance I attach to this workshop… I wanted to get insights into what the IIIT is all about. I have been moved. My perception has been changed in so many ways. I have now realized what I can do as a woman and as a leader of FOMWAN to change our perception of how things are done. I am going to step this training down to many others.”  

In addition to the noticeable impact of the training in widening the thinking horizon of the participants, enhancing their personal and organizational skills and widening their capacity to approach a broad spectrum of social, economic, political, social and civilizational matters from a holistic Islamic perspective, the training has proven to be a convenient entry point for young intellectuals into the vision and activities of the IIIT and recruiting them as ambassadors of the Islamic reform and educational development that the IIIT focuses on.    

At the end of the workshop, all participants were issued certificates of attendance.