TFI – The Fairfax Institute

About The Fairfax Institute (TFI)

The Fairfax Institute (TFI) is a school of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). Its main aims are continued education, community outreach, and inter-faith dialogue which are accomplished by providing enrichment courses, training workshops, seminars, and career development programs. TFI connects IIIT’s global networks of scholars and ideas to the community by translating scholarship into practical courses and training programs, with the objective of enhancing spiritual and religious understanding.

The Fairfax Institute has several classrooms with full technological capabilities. The institute recruits highly qualified instructors and strongly motivated students from a variety of backgrounds. TFI awards educational certificates, and it also provides an opportunity for receiving academic credit through its cooperation with accredited academic institutions, such as Hartford Seminary and Shenandoah University.

The flagship TFI program is the Graduate Certificate in Imam and Muslim Community Leadership, which TFI conducts in collaboration with Hartford Seminary. This program seeks to graduate community leaders and counselors – male and female – and Imams who are firmly rooted in Islamic traditions, and who are at the same time fully equipped to perform their duties within the American context.

Another significant TFI program is the Summer Student Program for college students. This program is structured to provide students with intensive instruction in Islamic studies. It also offers directed research and training in students’ areas of interest.

TFI also focuses on ‘training the trainers.’ The goal is to conduct training programs in Islamic studies and Arabic language skills for Islamic school teachers and educators. The Fairfax Institute pays special attention to youth development. Each summer, TFI collaborates with MACCPAC (the Muslim American Citizens Coalition & Public Affairs Council) to host a youth leadership retreat program geared toward citizenship education and civic activism.

Looking into the future, The Fairfax Institute will continue seeking active collaboration with committed partners, whose educational objectives are aligned with ours, and who can contribute to community development and spiritual regeneration.