Sponsored Research

IIIT’s Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS) is an initiative whose empirical research goal is to promote socio-emotional learning and value-based education in Muslim communities in North America and around the globe. AEMS empirical research follows a three-year cycle of funded research priorities situated within the above area. Currently we are soliciting proposals on themes addressing socio emotional learning and the implications of that in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy, leadership and governance, policy, and evaluation and assessment.

The theme of “social emotional learning” addresses a range of topics that are part of our research agenda (See Research page for more information). The following guiding questions may provide some examples:

  • How are social emotional learning and value-based education expressed in K-12 and higher education environments and what might be some strategies to promote them successfully?
  • In what ways are Islamic schools addressing social emotional learning and how are they impacted by State policies regarding value-based education? How would Islamic schools benefit from policy changes in these areas?
  • What are the underpinning values that influence educational practices, policy, and curriculum and ways they are implemented (or lack thereof)?
  • What assessment and evaluation plans are in place to ensure policy implementation in curriculum, pedagogy, and other areas as listed above?

Research proposals may focus on all age ranges, formal and informal settings, including pre-kindergarten and early childhood through higher education across the five areas of concentration at the core of AEMS research: Policy, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and evaluation, and leadership. Grant amounts may vary, not exceeding $30,000.


A proposal of 10-15 double space pages (with references) should include the following:

  1. Statement of research problem/question.
  2. Theoretical basis and review of literature- previous studies.
  3. Conceptual framework and ways the study relates to AEMS objectives and agenda.
  4. Plans for preliminary research phase, if needed (pilot study, exploratory research, etc.)
  5. Methodology: quantitative or qualitative studies are accepted.
  6. Research Design.
  7. Plans for research analysis.
  8. Plans for ethical review and institutional review board (IRB) review (timeline for submission, ethical requirements in country/region etc.).
  9. Plans for evaluation of impact or expected contribution.
  10. Overall impact on or contribution to IIIT mission.
  11. Statement about publication avenues. Research funded by IIIT should be published within AEMS outlets (JEMS and Book series).
  12. Anticipated budget including a timeline.

The funds may not be used for

  • Overhead charged by organizations and universities.
  • Summer faculty time and course release.
  • Per diems but we will fund travel if needed.
  • Additional staff time.

Review Process

  • Optional preproposal abstracts (200 words) may be sent for review by February 28, 2019.
  • Full proposals will need to be submitted by April 30, 2019.
  • Proposals will be blind reviewed and scored with a template/rubric to guide consistency across the reviews. If needed, feedback will be given to solicit revisions to proposals before funding is possible.
  • Once approved, research projects could proceed with periodic interim reports and final narrative and financial reports as required to monitor progress.