Al Tawhid: Its Implications on Thought and Life - IIIT

Al Tawhid: Its Implications on Thought and Life

Author: Ismail Raji al Faruqi

Paperback: ISBN: 0-912463-80-5 $8.95


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This book touches upon a broad spectrum of subjects, drawing elements from history, comparative religion, anthropology, philosophy, ethics, epistemology, archaeology, and other disciplines. As such, the concept of abundant in its perception, and direct in its implications for life and thought. ​All Muslim countries are struggling to accelerate the development of their economies. What is needed is a strategy that would not only accelerate development but also help minimize the inequities and the imbalances. The nature and constituents of such a strategy are the main themes of this book.

(6x9) / 237 p.

July 4, 2018