Advancing Education in Muslim Societies Master’s Degree Partnership Program

American University’s International Training and Education Program has partnered with the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) to offer a Master degree program toward Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS). AEMS focuses on developing the third space where social emotional learning is the means for educational reform in Muslim societies. The MA in International Training and Education (ITEP) new academic partnership with IIIT’s initiative on AEMS offers a specialized track with specific admissions requirements for AEMS student candidates. International Training & Education Program-Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (ITEP – AEMS) is a unique opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in international education and training with focus on Muslim societies.  

Our special discounted rate for this concentration is 29% less than regular tuition (check AU admission site for information on full tuition). Further, IIIT will offer free housing on an as-needed basis. 

Why Apply?

  • 30 Credit hours, completed in one year (Program start date is January 13th, 2020)
  • Priority application deadline is October 1, 2019
  • Courses include comparative & international education, human growth & development, Muslim majority societies & aspects of education, research methods, social theory, and global equity in education.
  • Concluding capstone component links academic learning with AEMS research and its various applied and field-based projects. Students will be guided by research scholars who have expertise in policy, pedagogy, curriculum and other aspects of educational research grounded in Muslim societies.
  • ITEP is the only graduate program in the field of international education with a focus on training; therefore, it is in high demand by employers in this field. Graduates from this program work in higher education, government agencies, international development and cultural exchange organizations, and more.

Student Testimonial

The AU Masters Degree in partnership with IIIT is a highly beneficial graduate program in the development of advanced research and training design skills, with a focus on education in Muslim Societies. It provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with educational specialists in international and comparative education as well as share a learning journey with an international and diverse student cohort. I would highly recommend this program.

Fatima Hendricks, B.OT, MSc, MBA, OTD

Student – IIIT/AU MA program – ITEP/AEMS 2019-2020


  • Dr. Cynthia Miller-Idriss
  • Dr. Elizabeth Worden
  • Dr. Jermain Griffin


ITEP brings together a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students whose academic backgrounds and international experiences are rich and varied; this diverse educational and experiential background enhances the value of conversation in the classroom. Because of our location in Washington, D.C. – a city well known for its global diversity – we work to ensure that all who join the program can take full advantage of the culturally and educationally enriching resources available in the city. Many ITEP graduates seek employment with organizations and agencies such as the World Bank, the Peace Corps, the Department of State and USAID, domestic and overseas universities, K-12 schools, or a variety of other governmental or international non-governmental organizations and agencies.


Students may begin the program in the Summer, Fall or Spring semester. Both full time and part time schedules are available, though international students are required to be in full-time status during the entire program of study (with special exceptions made in the final semester of study). To accommodate students who work full time, most classes are offered at 5:30pm or 8:20pm.