AEMS Books Series

The International Institute of Islamic Thought finalized a partnership with Indiana University Press to launch a book series on Education in Muslim Societies.  The book series is published as part of IIIT’s initiative – Advancing Education in Muslim Societies (AEMS).  IIIT plans to publish two books annually that examine in depth specific themes related to AEMS.  All books and chapter books in edited volumes are subject to double blind review.

The first volume in the series is on “Advancing Hope in Education in Muslim Societies”.

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Advancing Hope in Education in Muslim Societies

The first volume of the AEMS Book Series “Advancing Hope in Education in Muslim Societies” responds to the need to shift the educational discourse in Muslim societies from deficiency to a strength-based orientation and from passive recipients to active and proactive actors in education.

Learning from authentic experiences and innovations that are grounded in local realities may serve Muslim societies well and provide new knowledge to a larger audience of educational experts, policy makers, and governments, among many others. It is critical to bring to the forefront the whole person approach by focusing on enriching the brain as well as the spirit and instilling hope back into the educational spaces of many Muslim societies. Examining effective educational initiatives and providing analysis of how they work may be a catalyst for positive educational reform and transformation.

The edited volume contributes to a larger body of shared knowledge gained from innovative as well as unique educational programs and methods around the globe. Sample chapters include:

  • Transcending Human Ruptures through a Hopeful Muslim Education by Professor Nuraan Davids
  • The Power of Hope and Transformative Teaching: How to Frame an Educational Vision by means of the most Beautiful Names of Allah (al-asma’ al-husna) by Professor Mualla SELÇUK
  • Fusion of Horizons: A Case Study of the Pedagogy of Transformative Hope for Muslim Empowerment by Professor Suhailah Hossien
  • Schooling Culture in Egyptian Public Schools: The Struggles and Hopes for School Reform in Egypt by Dr. Nora Elbilawi
  • Teacher Professional Development in Palestine: Hope Despite all by Dr. Ilham Nasser, Bassam Abu Hamad, and Sulieman Mleahat

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