1st International Conference by Northwest University of Politics and Law and IIIT in China

1st International Conference by Northwest University of Politics and Law and IIIT in China
The First International Conference on ‘Belt and Road’ Countries En Route to Harmonious and Peaceful Co-Existence of Nationalities and Religions was held on October 16, 2016 in Xi’an, China. The Conference was co-organized by School of Ethnic and Religious Studies, Northwest University of Politics and Law (NWUPL) and International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). The Conference is part of the activities agreed by both institutions in an MOU signed on May 15, 2015.

Northwest University of Politics and Law is a university in Xi’an, one of the old law institutions in China. The university serves as the educational center of law in the northwest part of China and as one of the key bases of law institutions of higher learning in China. Located in the time-honored city of Xi’an, Northwest University of Politics & Law is a multidisciplinary institution of higher education characterized of law education together with a broad array of disciplines such as philosophy, economics, management, and literature. It is a base of great importance for training nationwide law talents, the centre of law studies in northwest China, and also a significant base for studies of humanities and social sciences in Shaanxi province.

Among the objectives of the Conference include to respond positively the construction of “ Belt and Road” strategy, to research current situation of nationalities and religions along with the Land and Maritime Silk Road Countries, to study prospects, opportunities and challenges of which are facing, and to promote co-operations and exchanges between China and related countries. The one day Conference was attended by more than 40 scholars and post graduate students. There were 16 paper presenters which were divided into four sessions. IIIT was presented by 6 paper presenters covering main issues of the Conference.

The Conference was officiated by Prof. Mu Xingtian, Dean of School of Ethnic and Religious Studies, NWUPL where he welcomed all the participants and looked forward for productive discussions and interactions. Dr. Ahmad Tontonji was invited to present a Keynote Address where he congratulated the efforts taken by the University. Dr. Ahmad stated that IIIT will be very happy to facilitate and cooperate with the University in all possible projects and activities. Dr. Ahmad envisioned that with the cooperation, the University will become the best University in the world. Dr. Ahmad also inspired the Chinese Muslims to play important roles in the development of China where he stated that Muslims in China have the same rights and responsibilities with other citizen of China.

The Conference ended with a resolution to continue working together in all fields. IIIT would like to congratulate and thank Prof. Dr. Wang Yongbao (Dr. Ahmad Musa) as the Chairman of the Conference and his committee members for the successful Conference. Prof. Wang Yongbao is also the IIIT Country Representative and he has been actively contributing to the development of Islam in China.