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The International Institute of Islamic Thought, has organized on its own, and very often jointly with other institutions, a large number of seminars at the international, regional, and local levels on various issues of Islamic thought and its applications in specialized academic disciplines.

IIIT Conferences & Seminars

  1. 2nd International conference on the Islamization of Knowledge: Islam: Source and Purpose of Knowledge, Islamabad, Pakistan, cosponsored by the Islamic University of Islamabad and the National Hijrah Centenary Celebration Committee, 4-6 January 1982
  2. 3rd International Conference of Islamization of Knowledge, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-31 July 1984
  3. Workshop on the Islamization of Attitudes and Practices in Science & Technology, Herndon, VA, USA, cosponsored by American Muslim Scientists and Engineers (AMSE), 27 February – 1 March 1987
  4. The First Seminar on Islamic Economics, Herndon, VA, cosponsored by American Muslim Social Scientist (AMSS), 28-29 March 1987
  5. Lunar Calendar Conference, Herndon, VA, USA, 7 June 1987
  6. Islamic Principles of Organizational Behavior, cosponsored by (AMSS), 23-25 September 1988
  7. 2nd seminar on Islamic Economics, Herndon, VA cosponsored by (AMSS), 18-20 November 1988
  8. 3rd seminar on Resource Mobilization and Investment in an Islamic Economic Framework, cosponsored by (AMSS), Washington, D.C., 22-23 December 1990
  9. Qur’anic Concepts of Human Psyche, Pakistan, May 1992
  10. Islamization of Education for Students Majoring in Education, cosponsored by Muslim Students Association (MSA), Pittsburg, PA, 2 May 1992
  11. Islamic Economics: Economic Growth & Human Resource Development, Washington, D.C., USA, May 1992
  12. The Twenty-First Annual Conference of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, East Lansing, USA, November 1992
  13. Workshop on Education Crisis: An Islamic Approach, cosponsored by (MAS) Talahasi, FL, USA, 5 February 1993
  14. The Fifth International Islamic Economics Seminar on: Role of Public & Private sectors in Economic Development in an Islamic Perspective, Washington, D.C., USA, October 1993
  15. Conference On Comprehensive Development of Muslim Countries from An Islamic Perspective, Selangor, Malaysia, August 1994
  16. Workshop on Islamization of Knowledge, Melaka, Malaysia, November 1994
  17. Workshop on Islamization of Knowledge, Selangor, Malaysia, June 1995
  18. Islam and the West, Herndon, VA, USA, March 1995
  19. International Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Jakarta, Indonesia, December 1996
  20. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Mindanao, Philippines, October 1996
  21. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Manila, Philippines, October 1996
  22. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Thailand, September 1996
  23. One Day Seminar on Imam Al-Shatibi’s Thought, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 1996 Shaping the Global Future: Social Sciences and the Challenge of the 21 st Century, Oxford, UK, 1997
  24. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Malaysia, January 1997
  25. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Penang, Malaysia, March 1997
  26. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Padang, Indonesia, June 1997
  27. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge, Philippines, November 1997
  28. National Seminar on Knowledge and the Issue of Islamization, Malaysia, May 1997 International Seminar on Counseling and Psychotherapy in and Islamic Perspective, Selangor, Malaysia, August 1997
  29. One day program for ‘Ulama, Thailand, November 1997
  30. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge – Islamization of Social Sciences, Padang, Indonesia, June 1 998
  31. Seminar on Islamization of Knowledge and Islamic Education, Padang, Indonesia, August 1998
  32. Conference Report 29 th Annual Convention of AMSS, GSISS, Leesburg, VA, October 29-31, 1999
  33. The Association of Muslim Social Sciences ( UK) 1 st Annual Conference, The University of London, October 30-31, 1999
  34. God, Life and Cosmos: Theistic Perspectives, sponsored by the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences (CTNS) Berkeley, USA and Islamic Research Institute (IRI) Islamabad, Pakistan and the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Pakistan, 6-9 November 2000
  35. Islamization of Knowledge: An Agenda for the Muslim Students , a workshop held by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria and IIIT, Nigeria, 1-4 February 2001
  36. Islamization of Knowledge and Education: Experiences at IIUM and other places, lecture delivered by Dr. AbdulHamid AbuSulayman at the Islamic Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 10, 2001
  37. Muslim Education: Projections for the Future, Lecture delivered by Dr. AbdulHamid AbuSulayman at the International Islamic University, Pakistan, February 13, 2001
  38. Encounter of Civilizations: Prospects and Choices, lecture delivered by Dr. AbdulHamid AbuSulayman, Pakistan, on February 15, 2001
  39. The Future of Muslims in the new Europe / Abdul Hadi Hoffman. Herndon, VA: IIIT, May 23
  40. Past, Present and the Future of Islamic Studies in the US & its Link with Public Policy / Dr. Akbar Ahmad, Herndon, VA: IIIT, May 29, 2001
  41. The Philosophy of Science / Prof. Gerd Hartmann, Herndon, VA: IIIT, Nov. 6, 2001
  42. International workshop on Educational Reforms in the Muslim World: Trends, Issues and Challenges, IIIT ( Nigeria) and Bayero University ( Kano, Nigeria), 22-23 April, 2002

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